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The Safaris sing live Please Be My Girlfriend to Sonia at our April 30, 2017 event. An inside peek at one of our rehersals on YouTube!

Click on the record for Image of a Girl on YouTube:

1960s Safaris reviewing fan photos
Marv and Mitchell Englander

Councilman Mitchell Englander presented a Commendation from the City of Los Angeles to Marv Rosenberg’s Safaris for their musical contribution to the Northridge Sparkle’s Public Mural Unveiling on October 5, 2014. (It was 107 degrees that day, and the Safaris were so entertaining that everyone in attendance stayed.)


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May 23 at Lonny Chapman Theatre North Hollywood : “Just attended my first performance 4 this group. Have 2 say it was a great way 2 spend a Saturday afternoon. Each a gifted performer, together one outstanding performance. Great opportunity 2 reflect on an era that can never b repeated. Hopefully will b appearing again soon so that I can bring my groups of friends. They r certainly worth the wait!” Becky

Northridge Sparkle’s Public Mural Unveiling event : “The Marv Rosenberg’s Safaris Doo-Wop Group is preserving a timeless genre of music,” said Councilmember Mitchell Englander, Twelfth District. “This band of gentlemen hold the quintessence of Doo-wop in their heart and soul as they revive the classic sounds from the 1950s to early ’60s. They are a perfect blend of harmony and passion.”

60s Surfin’ Beach Party : “Thank you and please tell everyone how much we really enjoyed Great Harmony! Awesome! . . . And tell the guys that I would like to do a show or something with them.”
Thanks again,
Ron (Ron Stein)

Rotary Club of Santa Monica : “Thank you for making our 2014 International Food Festival an even more outstanding event. It was great to revisit so many old favorites.”

From our March 16th performance :
Steve : “Fantastic!! I was dancing in my seat the whole time. Great nostalgia. Their harmonizing was wonderful. True showmen.”
Estherly : “The Safari quintet performed oldies from the ’50s. The group was very personable, and had great voices. What talent!! We spent a wonderful afternoon hearing such terrific performers.”
Lynn : “A Gem of a Time! Great selection of songs and wonderful harmonies. Marv Rosenberg’s Safaris were engaging, and they had fun with the audience. A wonderful trip down memory lane. Can’t wait to see them again!”

From the October community event :
Andrea with Northridge Sparkle : “MARV’S SAFARIS - A GREAT TRIP! If you like the music of the 50s, 60s and 70s. If you like doo-wop. If you like harmonies, you’re gonna love Marv Rosenberg’s Safaris, an acappella doo-wop group. They’re wopping great!!! Northridge Sparkle hired them for our Mural Unveiling on October 5, 2014. Even though it was over 100 degrees outside, the Safaris kept the audience captivated. They not only yelled for one more song at the end of their set, they wanted five more songs!!!! Nobody wanted them to leave. Great group. Hire them while you can!!!”

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